My webpage is for pharmacists and pharmacy enthusiasts. In addition, my webpage is a great source for students, doctoral thesis writers, diploma writers and professionals, who want to be updated about pharmaceutical issues. Furthermore, my webpage is for common people, who need help in daily medical issues.  You may find up-to-date information about medicine and the pharmaceutical industry. Moreover, I handle subjects about health, sports and nutrition. I use sources such as news, newspapers, the Internet, lectures and pharmaceutical magazines. My blogs are mainly in Finnish, but I also write in Swedish and English. I hope I receive feedback from my readers and get ideas for developing my website. If you have further questions concerning my website or you want advice from a pharmacist, please do contact me in my website. My website is soon available in App store and Android versions.


Lilit Tonoyan

I'm a pharmacist and I'm interested in the pharmaceutical industry a lot. I'm interested in cosmetics, marketing and customer service in everyday work. My hobbies include traveling, reading, writing and listening to music. I keep myself updated by attending lectures, keeping presentations and by reading recent news from pharmaceutical magazines. Continuous progress in the pharmaceutical industry and progressing myself in it is primary to me. I speak fluently Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian, Spanish and Armenian. Photography is a very dear hobby to me and I want to share it with you in the Gallery section in my website.